Collection: Step 1: Prepare your outdoor wood for staining and sealing

Cutek's ® Prepare line-up of products helps you to remove old finish and/or give your wood and/or deck a refresher between coats of Cutek® Extreme.

Most of the time a simple power wash or hose wash all be sufficient between annual coats of Cutek® Extreme. 

For new construction Cutek® Extreme can be applied to new/"unseasoned" wood. For maximum protection, all 4 sides of new wood, especially decking and fencing, would be coated twice with Cutek® Extreme before building (clear, no Colortone). Wood coated with "clear" oil can be "wet stacked" for convenience. 

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One tree is planted for every gallon of CUTEK® Extreme sold worldwide

One tree is planted for every gallon of CUTEK® Extreme sold worldwide

From the manufacturers of CUTEK®:

We love the look of wood, the feel of wood, and we want to provide the best wood protection solutions in the market.
We are also very passionate about the sustainability of the lumber industry. We recognize that without wood, there would be no need for wood oils.
CUTEK® is a company that has been passed down through generations, and we want to ensure that the lumber industry will continue to thrive and flourish for future generations to come.
For these reasons, we have chosen to take decisive action.

We have partnered with one tree Planted and are committed to plant 1 tree for every can of CUTEK® Oil Solid around the world.

Serious Sustainability