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Accord Stain and Seal

CUTEK® Colortones

CUTEK® Colortones

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Not ready to commit? Order pre mixed samples of our incredible CUTEK® Extreme oil and CUTEK® Colortones to test on your wood. 

We now all 20 Colortone (Bark and Pecan are new for 2023) in stock plus samples of the clear  CUTEK® Extreme oil. 

CUTEK® Extreme is sold as a clear oil, and if applied without an added CUTEK® Colortone it will allow your wood to lighten naturally into a beautiful silver look on exposure to sunlight and UV.

Adding Colortones to CUTEK® Extreme not only allows you to customize the color and enhance the beauty of your chosen wood, but it will preserve its underling color by adding UV protection. This is what helps to prevent silvering. 


CUTEK® Extreme diffuses deeply into wood and will continue to provide moisture protection and improve dimensional stability even if a CUTEK® Colortone is not added and the wood becomes weathered and gray.

If you would like to retain the natural freshly oiled color of the wood you’re working with, you MUST add a suitable Colortone to the clear oil. Choose one of our 18 Colortones which have been specifically developed to closely match many popular wood species.

For best results, select a Colortone that stays close to the natural shade of the coated wood. Add one Colortone per Gallon for full strength use. 

Use the tool on the CUTEK® website to see how each Colortone will look on your wood.


Use ONLY CUTEK® Colortones with CUTEK® Extreme. These are PROPRIETARY products designed to work together, and are also not compatible with any third-party product.

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