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Accord Stain and Seal

CUTEK® Extreme oil: 1 Gallon

CUTEK® Extreme oil: 1 Gallon

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CUTEK® Extreme offers powerful protection while enhancing the natural beauty of wood. CUTEK® Extreme diffuses deeply into wood to repel moisture, maintain structural integrity and ensure the longest possible service life.

CUTEK® Extreme is formulated to minimize warping, cupping and splitting, which means your exterior project lasts years longer. CUTEK® Extreme Clear fades over time, but retains the natural wood colour, minimizing maintenance requirements for wood. With a CUTEK® Colortones, the added UV protection keeps the natural color for much longer. 

What sets CUTEK® Extreme oil apart is it’s ‘self-healing’ action. Once diffused, CUTEK® Extreme will remain permanently mobile in the wood, actively driving out moisture to minimize cupping, warping and splitting, even after being cut or perforated with fasteners. CUTEK® penetrating oils have a 30-year proven track record of standing up to the harshest of Australian, North American and other International environments.

High performance wood oil for all exterior applications. Decking, siding, fences, railing, outdoor furniture, engineered wood, thermally modified wood and log homes. This product is clear, if a tint is desired please add (1-2) 90ML CUTEK® Colortones for every .95 Gallon purchased. When other wood coatings fail, professionals turn to CUTEK®. Please remember, stain absorbtion will differ depending on wood species. Coverage rates are provided as a general guideline. CUTEK® Colortones come in 18 difference colors and can be applied at full or double strength. 


These figures represent typical averages for common decking and cladding such as Western Red Cedar, Pine, Ipe, Tiger deck, Cumaru, Thermally Modified Wood and other exotics, etc.

New Hardwoods Dressed:  400 – 800 Sq. Ft./Gal.

Old Restored Wood Dressed:  300 – 400 Sq. Ft./Gal.

New Wood (rough or band sawn)  300 – 400 Sq. Ft./Gal.

Old Restored Wood (rough or band sawn)  180 – 300 Sq. Ft./Gal.

Shingles and Shakes:  84 – 212 Sq. Ft./Gal

NOTE: Practical spreading rates will vary depending on such factors as application method, ambient conditions and surface porosity and roughness.

NOTE: Any existing film on your wood project MUST be removed completely by sanding or stripping before applying CUTEK® Extreme.


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